Large Animals Case of the Month

Oldenburg horse
Male castrated
13 years of age
Very long history of lameness front left, recurrent.
Localised in the distal interphalangeal joint (DIP joint), graded differently in different clinical examinations.

Quarter horse
Female intact
12 years of age
Chronic lameness hind right
Graded 2/5 and localised on the tarsus
Radiographs of the region were taken.

Quarter horse
Male castrated
9 years of age
Chronic lameness hind right: Anamnesis of trauma 3 years before
Since then intermittently lame, for short time severe lameness and then better again

Brawn Cattle
2 and half years of age
Large wound on the back since weeks, not better with topic treatment
Radiograph of the caudal back was taken


Male intact

12 Years of age

Severe lameness hind right, swelling centred on the stifle since weeks

Radiographs of the right stifle were taken

Fresian horse

Male castrated

14 Years of age

Presented for acute severe lameness (graded 5/5) front right limb after training on the lunge.

Radiographs of the distal front right limb were taken.

Islandic horse.

Male 17 days of age.

Presented with deformity of the front limbs.

The appearance of the front limbs was already abnormal after birth.

During the first week the owner reported improvement, then worsening.

Radiographs of the front limbs were taken.



5 Months of age.


Presented for a lameness of the hind left limb of 2 weeks duration and swelling in the area of the hip joint.

Radiographs of the hip joint were taken.

Hanoverian horse 9 Years of age.

Male castrated.

Presented for stiff neck and lameness front left after working in vaulting and sudden, uncontrolled movement.

Radiographs of the neck were taken.

Arabian foal 2 weeks of age Male Presented for swelling in the region of the right shoulder. Referred from private vet after treatment with antibiotics for suspicious of post natal umbilical infection. Radiographs of the shoulders were taken.