Authors: Alan Danielski, Russell Yeadon

Objective: To report arthroscopic findings in dogs with humeral intracondylar fissure (HIF) and compare these findings in joints of dogs not affected by HIF on preoperative CT images.

Study design: Controlled clinical study.

Animals: Dogs with HIF (14 dogs, 21 elbows) and dogs without HIF (20 dogs, 31 elbows).

Category: Elbow - Imaging
Authors: Kenneth A Bruecker, Kevin Benjamino, Aldo Vezzoni, Charles Walls, Kirk L Wendelburg, Christelle M Follette, Loïc M Déjardin, Reunan Guillou
Category: Dysplasia - Elbow
Authors: Rebecca A Hersh-Boyle, Po-Yen Chou, Amy S Kapatkin, Mathieu Spriet, Barbro Filliquist, Tanya C Garcia, Denis J Marcellin-Little

Objective: To evaluate the diagnostic value of still images of needle arthroscopy (SNAR), still images of traditional arthroscopy (STAR), and computed tomography (CT) to diagnose medial coronoid process (MCP) pathology.

Study design: Prospective clinical trial.

Animals: Dogs (n = 17) presented for evaluation of elbow dysplasia.

Category: Elbow
Authors: Javier García, Russell Yeadon, Miguel A Solano

Objective: To report the surgical management, complications, and short-term outcomes for dogs with humeral Y-T fractures (ie, fractures affecting the medial and lateral aspect of the humeral condyle extending from the articular surface) that had been approached bilaterally (medial and lateral) and stabilized with two locking compression plates (LCP) and to investigate risk factors for major complications in the short term.

Authors: Williams H, Calvo , Gaines A, Kalff S, Sajik D, Kulendra NJ, Meeson RL, Parsons K, Farrell M, Kulendra ER

OBJECTIVES: To describe reduction techniques and clinical outcome in a series of traumatic elbow luxations in cats.

Authors: Baud K, Griffin S, Martinez-Taboada F, Burton NJ

OBJECTIVES: To compare elbow congruity in two cohorts of Labrador retrievers affected with either radial incisure or apex fragmentation of the medial coronoid process.

Category: Elbow - Imaging
Authors: Aulakh KS, Dongaonkar KR, Barnes K, Gines AJ, Bordelon JT, Hulse D, Aulakh HK, Liu CC

OBJECTIVE: To determine the influence of orthopedic examination on numerical rating score (NRS) and visual analog score (VAS) when scoring lameness in dogs with elbow osteoarthritis (OA) and to evaluate interobserver and intraobserver agreement in NRS and VAS on the basis of video-graph

Category: Elbow - Osteoarthritis
Authors: McCarthy J, Comerford EJ, Innes JF, Pettitt RA

OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to report the surgical technique, associated complications and clinical outcome of elbow arthrodesis using a medially positioned plate.

STUDY DESIGN: This was a retrospective case series.

Authors: Moffatt F, Kulendra E, Meeson RL.

OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to describe the use of locking compression plates (LCP) in Y-T humeral condyle fractures and to evaluate their clinical outcome.

METHODS: This study involved a retrospective review, including clinical, radiographical and canine brief pain inventory outcome evaluation.

Authors: Garofolo SQ, Conzemius MG.

OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to determine if articulated joint distraction in the canine elbow can effectively maintain a distraction gap between the articular surfaces of the canine elbow under a weight-bearing load.

Category: Elbow