Long-term follow-up of spinal segmental stabilization for surgical treatment of dorsal hemivertebrae associated with kyphosis in brachycephalic dogs

Daphne Mavrides, Marios Charalambous, Paul Freeman
Can Vet J. 2021 Dec;62(12):1323-1327.

The aim of this study is to report chronic complications (> 2 mo after surgery) following spinal segmental stabilization (SSS) to treat myelopathy associated with thoracic congenital vertebral malformations in brachycephalic dogs.

Follow-up medical records (years 2006 to 2020) of 12 cases that underwent SSS at 3 university hospitals were retrieved and analyzed with a minimum follow-up period of 1 y.

Five dogs showed no chronic complications and 7 dogs had chronic complications which are reported here.

This case series demonstrates that the rate of chronic complications associated with SSS was high (58%) but most of these were minor and did not require revision surgery.

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