Authors: Lisa A. Fortier DVM, PhD and Roger K.W. Smith MA, VetMB, DEO, MRCVS, PhD
Journal: Veterinary Clinics Equine Practice

After tendon injury, the scar tissue that replaces the damaged tendon results in a substantial risk for reinjury. The goal of regenerative therapies is to restore normal structural architecture and biomechanical function to an injured tissue. Successful restoration processes for any tissue are thought to recapitulate those of development, in which there are spatial and temporal interactions between scaffold, growth factors, and cell populations.

Authors: Denoix, J.M.; Coudry, V.; Jacquet, S.
Journal: Equine Veterinary Education

Abstract:Ultrasonography of the proximal third interosseus muscle (PTIOM, suspensory ligament) is routinely performed for the diagnosis of the cause of proximal metacarpal/tarsal pain. As a result of the complex architecture and deep localisation of this ligament, performing and interpreting ultrasonographic images of this structure can be difficult.  

Category: Equine - Ligament - Ultrasound