Triceps tendon avulsion in a cat

Ryan Philips, Damian Chase, Devon Thompson
Vet Rec. 2023 May 15;e2344. doi: 10.1002/vrc2.629

A 1-year-8-month-old, male, neutered Maine Coon presented to a referral veterinary hospital for a weight-bearing lameness of the left thoracic limb that occurred 4 weeks prior to presentation.

A transverse groove, proximal to the olecranon, was palpated in the area of the normal insertion of the triceps tendon. Computed tomography of the left thoracic limb revealed a complete avulsion of the long and lateral heads of the triceps brachii from the olecranon. Multiple, small, mineralised fragments were present within the distal portion of the retracted tendons of insertion, and there were corresponding osseous defects within the olecranon.

A modified three-loop pulley suture technique was utilised to fix the triceps tendon to the olecranon. The joint was then immobilised with a trans-articular external skeletal fixator.

Three months after surgery, the owners reported no abnormalities or concerns regarding the cat's elbow or ambulation.