Treatment of cranial cruciate ligament insufficiency and medial patellar luxation in a small-breed dog with a true spherical osteotomy

Petar Polajnar, Zsigmond Szanto, Florian Willmitzer, Nikola Medl
Vet Rec. 2022 Apr 12;e2369. doi: 10.1002/

A 9-year-old, neutered, male, Cairn terrier dog presented with a 3-year history of progressive pain and lameness of the right hindlimb. After an acute episode of severe pain and non-weight-bearing lameness, the dog was referred to our clinic for evaluation.

The physical examination was unremarkable; the orthopaedic examination revealed a positive cranial drawer sign and medial patellar luxation grade 3/4. Orthogonal radiographs were taken. Chronic degenerative changes consistent with cranial cruciate ligament insufficiency and medial patellar luxation were noted.

Preoperative planning was performed using veterinary preoperative planning software. A spherical osteotomy was performed to level the tibial plateau, correct the medial patellar luxation and improve a valgus deformity. The osteotomy was stabilised using a polyaxial 2.0 tibial plateau levelling osteotomy plate.

At the 8-week postoperative follow-up examination, the dog had normal weight-bearing ability without evidence of lameness or pain.