Toggle-Pin Technique for Management of Coxofemoral Luxation in an Alpaca

Diego D. Quinteros MV, José M. García-López VMD, Diplomate ACVS, Thomas Jenei VMD, Diplomate ACVS
Veterinary Surgery
April 2011

Objective: To report repair of a coxofemoral joint luxation in an Alpaca using a toggle-pin technique.

Study Design: Case report.

Animals: An 11-month intact male Alpaca with luxation of the right coxofemoral joint.

Methods: The Alpaca was anesthetized and an open repair and reduction of the luxation was performed using a toggle-pin technique.

Results: The luxation was successfully reduced. An Ehmer sling was used for the initial 3 days after surgery and the Alpaca was discharged 7 days postoperatively without complications. Follow-up examinations confirmed maintained reduction of the coxofemoral joint, as well as no evidence of lameness or muscle atrophy.

Conclusions: Coxofemoral joint luxations in Alpacas can be successfully repaired using a toggle-pin technique alone, without the need for other techniques such as capsular reconstruction or greater trochanter transposition. Use of an Ehmer sling for the immediate postoperative period provided additional protection to the repair and was tolerated well.