Revision of a BFX total hip replacement stem using a Kyon stem and a head adaptor in two dogs

Vezzoni L, Bazzo S, Vezzoni A. Vet Comp Orthop Traumatol. 2017 Jan 16; 30 (1): 81-87.
OBJECTIVE: To report revision of BFX cementless press-fit stem loosening with a Kyon cementless stem and a head adaptor in two dogs.
METHODS: Total hip arthroplasty stem revision was performed in two dogs with loosening of a previously implanted Biomedtrix press-fit BFX stem. Both dogs had a well-integrated BFX cup and single stage revision was performed using a standard Kyon stem and a head adaptor in order to couple with a 17 mm head and maintain the BFX cup.
RESULTS: Revisions resulted in a stable functional prosthesis with successful bone integration at the one-year postoperative re-evaluation.
CONCLUSIONS: Use of a Kyon stem with a head adaptor may be a successful option to provide immediate stem stability for revision of a loosened BFX stem with a properly osseointegrated cup.

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