Authors: Desbrosse, F.G.; Vandeweerd, J.M.E.F.; Perrin, R.A.R.; Clegg, P.D.; Launois, M.T.; Brogniez, L.; Gehin, S.P.
Journal: Equine Veterinary Education


Category: CT - Equine
Authors: Carnicer, D.; Coudry, V.; Denoix, J.M.
Journal: Equine Veterinary Education

Abstract:Intra-articular injections of the scapulohumeral joint (SHJ) in horses are difficult to perform because of the thick muscles covering the area and a reduced articular space. Ultrasonographic guidance was demonstrated to be helpful to perform intra-articular injections. This technique applied to the SHJ can be performed in the field with a portable machine.  

Category: Equine - Ultrasound
Authors: Driver, A.J.; Nagy, A.
Journal: Equine Veterinary Education

Proximal hindlimb lameness remains a diagnostic challenge despite modern imaging techniques. In the case described here, a fracture of the ischium produced false negative results on initial ultrasound and scintigraphy examinations, despite a 14 day delay from onset of clinical signs to the time of the nuclear bone scan. However, the history and clinical examination were strongly suggestive of a pelvic injury and this was only confirmed by the use of a novel radiographic technique.

Category: Bone - Equine - Imaging - Lameness
Authors: Denoix, J.M.; Coudry, V.; Jacquet, S.
Journal: Equine Veterinary Education

Abstract:Ultrasonography of the proximal third interosseus muscle (PTIOM, suspensory ligament) is routinely performed for the diagnosis of the cause of proximal metacarpal/tarsal pain. As a result of the complex architecture and deep localisation of this ligament, performing and interpreting ultrasonographic images of this structure can be difficult.  

Category: Equine - Ligament - Ultrasound