Small Animals Case of the Month

Labrador Retriever
Female neutered
8 years of age
Suspicious of hit by car some hours before, not able to stand.
Lateral view of the abdomen and of the thorax were taken.

Golden Retriever
Male intact
10 years of age
Case of the last month: femoral fracture 2 days after THR left and fixation
10 days later, the dog was presented again with the same symptoms.

Golden Retriever
Male intact
10 years of age
Referred with severe bilateral hip displasia and for total hip replacement ( THP Zurich cementless).
Pre (not shown) and post OP radiographs were taken.

Mixed breed
7 Years of age
Presented with not ambulatory paraparesis after trauma.
One lateral radiograph of the abdomen was taken.


Female intact

15 Years of age

Presented for lameness from left

At the clinical examination, a severely swollen digit was noted and radiographs of the region were taken.

Cat Male castrated

Unknown age

Found lame probably after jumpying from the balcony.

Crepitation and open wound on the right tarsus were present at the clinical examination.

Radiographs of the right tarsus were taken.

Dog dobermann.

Male castrated 13 years of age.

Presented with severe, acute lameness, localised on the left elbow.

Radiographs were taken.

Dog Pudel.

10 Months of age.

Female castrated.

Presented for pain at left hip extension and bilateral grade III patellar luxation.

Radiographs of the hip in extension and flexion were taken.

Dog Mix breed 1 and half year old.

Male intact.

Presented with bilateral hind limb lameness.

On the clincal examination, the lameness was localised on both the stifles with thickening of both proximal Tibiae, hard on palpation and more marked signs on the right side.

Radiographs of both the stifles were taken.

Dog Sheltie 8 Years of age Female intact Reported trauma the day before during chasing a cat Acute onset of neck pain and hemiparesis the follwing day Radiograph of the neck was taken