Large Animals Case of the Month

Horse, Friberger Female 8 years of age Very long history of lameness front right, localised from the private vet in the PIP joint. At clinical examination, the lameness was graded 2/5. Radiographs of the right front PIP joint were taken.

French horse - Female - 20 years of age Presented with a wound on the left tarsus After the clinical examination, which localized the lameness on the left tarsus (2 out of 5), radiographs of the region were taken.

Cow, Holstein • 2 years of age • Female • Presented for persistent swelling on the lower jaw for months. • The swelling was ulcerated and got better with antibiotic therapy. • After 10 days, there was relaps of the ulceration and lack of improvement of the soft tissue swelling.

At the clinical examination the cow was in good general body condition.

There was a severe swelling ventral to the right mandibula.

Radiographs were taken.

Islandic horse, female, 3 years of age. Presented 10 weeks before for acute lameness front left. Mild improvement with rest, never sound. At the clincal examination there was axial limb deformity with varus deviation.

Radiographs of the left carpus were taken.

Islandic horse, male castrated, 8 years of age. Presented 2 months before for lameness front left, suspected fracture of P3. The horse was treated with anti-inflammatory drugs and rest, there was no improvement in the following weeks. At the time of presentation there was a soft tissue swelling lateral to the PIP joint not painful with a mild hoof imbalance.

Haflinger, 21 years of age.

Presented with a mild soft tissue swelling and discharge in the area caudal to the ears. At the clincal examination, a fistolous tract was found and explored in the dorsal cranial neck.
Radiographs were taken with a probe inserted.

Islandic horse, male castrated.

6 years of age.

Since 4 weeks, the owner noted an abormal gait and stiff neck.

Private vet treated him for a muscular problem. Considering the lack of improvement, the horse was referred at the veterinary clinic of the university.

Bovine Jersey, female, 5 year and 6 months of age.

History of operation 2 years before for a foreign body in the reticulum.

Now presented for increased inspiratory noise.

Radiographs of the head were taken.

Paint horse, gelding, 3 years and 6 months of age.

Presented with a superficial wound in the area of the right stifle.

At the clinical examination, a lameness on the hind right limb, moderate at walk and severe at trot was diagnosed. The clinician localised the lameness on the stifle joint.

Chronic lameness in a pony

Dorsopalmar and lateromedial views were made of both front feet. Because of the abnormal shape of the feet, opaque markers were placed on the hoof wall.