Comparison of short-term complications between unilateral and single-session bilateral surgery for medial patellar luxation in small/medium breed dogs

J Small Anim Pract. 2018 Oct 8. [Epub ahead of print]

OBJECTIVES: To compare the short-term complications of unilateral versus single-session bilateral medial patellar luxation surgery in small dogs.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: The medical records of dogs weighing less than 13∙6 kg that underwent medial patellar luxation surgery were reviewed. Dogs were included in one of two groups based on the type of surgery performed (unilateral or single-session bilateral). Postoperative patellar luxation grade and complications were compared between the groups.

RESULTS: Two hundred and fifty-one dogs were included. In the bilateral treatment group, there was less improvement in patellar luxation grade and postoperative medial patellar luxation grade was higher. The frequency of major complications was higher in the bilateral group (23%) compared with the unilateral group (12%).

CLINICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Single-session bilateral medial patellar luxation surgery was associated with a higher complication rate compared to unilateral surgery in this non-randomized observational study. Staged rather than single-session bilateral surgery should be considered in dogs with bilateral medial patellar luxation to improve clinical outcome and reduce the chance of major complications.

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